Naps:  We have a dedicated separate room for sleeping with cribs and beds for each child.

​Feedback: Daily feedback is provided on how your child ate, slept, went potty and other general information. We also provide a list of meals for the week ahead. 

Education:  Children are eager to learn and we use many educational tools.  Using both Chinese and English materials we devote time during the day to book readings, flash cards, number, letter and shape boards, exercise activities, crafts, music, dancing and more.

Play: Both structured and free play is practiced.  We have outside and inside play during the day and we allow no  t.v..

Min's Daycare

Potty Training:  Developing an intuitive sense for each child, their needs, and appropriate potty times, children are  taught and potty trained after one year old.  We put on a potty at typical times - after eating, after play, plus we  learn each child's patterns on using the potty.

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Min's Daycare recognizes each child grows at their own unique pace and because major brain development occurs by age 3 Min's Daycare is committed to the development of the children in our daycare.

​What we do:

​​​​Food:  All food is prepared and cooked fresh with a balance of vegetables, meats, rice, noodles, eggs and more for breakfast and lunch, and fresh fruit and yogurt for snacks.  We encourage good eating habits in group settings, infants in highchairs, older children at a table, teaching children not to play and focus on eating.  We recognize children at different ages require different consistencies and sizes of food portions.  Developing an intuitive sense for the children is important.